Do not mount or dismount unless key is turned off Do not drink alcohol before riding your scooterDo not wash your scooter with your garden hose.Do not turn suddenly at high speedAlways stop fully before changing directionsAlways check both ways before crossing the road.Do not climb or drop
off curbs.
Be courteous to pedestrians.Do not ride your scooter on the road.A high visibility flag on your scooter helps you to be seen.Watch out for people stepping out of shop
Watch for cars backing out of driveways. Do not ride your scooter through
long wet grass or puddles
Do not take your
scooter out during
heavy rain.
Always approach curbs straight onDo not climb hills that exceed your scooters
Always charge your scooter batteries after
Drive carefully on uneven surfaces.Do not carry passengers.Watch out for children
on bikes.
Always travel at walking pace on footpaths.